The Renault Trucks Italia case study

How can you acquire new leads for the sale of trucks and commercial vehicles in leasing at zero interest?

Before turning to OTO Agency, Renault Trucks Italia had never implemented a digital marketing campaign, delegating the contact and lead management phase to the point of sale. With the work we had done with them on the previous two campaigns, the company’s confidence in us had grown and expectations were high.

Specifically, the challenge was to bring in the same number of leads with a lower budget or, alternatively, to increase the number while maintaining the previous budget.

Who is Renault Trucks Italia?

Renault Trucks Italia provides transport operators with vehicles and related services for distribution, construction and long-haul transport.

Part of Corporate Renault Trucks, one of the world’s leading truck manufacturers, it is part of a company employing 10,000 people, with headquarters in Lyon and open since 1894.

The overall network comprises 1,400 sales outlets in 150 countries, 1,200 partner dealerships and a dozen regional and local stores worldwide.

The Italian subsidiary is growing, as shown by the company’s turnover, which grew by 20% in 2021 (compared to 2019) and amounted to more than EUR 4 million.

Storia di successo Renault Trucks: ecco la nostra collaborazione con Renault Trucks. I risultati dell'attivà SEO e Advertising. -2

The solution identified

After a preliminary phase of information gathering and analysis of the identified target audience (who they are, how we intercept them, what are the most effective levers to push them to act), the study, design and development of the landing page dedicated to the campaign with a limited time offer began.

The landing page was structured in such a way as to prompt the user landing on it to fill in the contact form. By doing so, their visit becomes a lead, i.e. a potential customer, which is then registered and entrusted to the sales team of the nearest Renault Trucks Italia branch.

To bring highly profiled and interested traffic to the landing page, Google Ads and Facebook Ads sponsorship campaigns were activated.
Thanks to continuous optimisation tests to identify the optimal combination of persuasive copies, visuals and call to action, the results were soon visible.



Leads generated with 1/3 of the available budget.


The average cost per lead generated by the campaign.


The Click Through Rate of Google Ads.


In one month of activity alone, we collected almost 100 leads, using about one third of the budget, with an average cost per contact of €19.28.

This becomes even more important in relation to the selling price of the vehicles on offer, with an entry level of €30,000.

The value generated by each contact, compared to the budget invested, indicates a very high return on investment.

Storia di successo Renault Trucks: ecco la nostra collaborazione con Renault Trucks. I risultati dell'attivà SEO e Advertising. - 3


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